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[Fic] Regrets [PG, Nobuo/Hachi] - NANA in 2D [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Fic] Regrets [PG, Nobuo/Hachi] [Jun. 29th, 2009|08:12 pm]
For NANA Anime Discussion!


Hello NANA community! I'm new, both to the series and the community. But, I watched the anime in about a day and read the manga in less than a day... directly after finishing the anime... so I stayed up a couple of days... and then I wrote this. ^.^;; Hopefully you enjoy it!

Title: Regrets
Author: hostilecrayon
Fandom: NANA
Pairing: Nobuo/Hachi
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angst Spoilers for up to the end of the anime/manga Chapter 84.
Disclaimer: Nana is property of Ai Yazawa, Cookie and Viz Media.
Word Count: 995
Notes: So Nana is on hiatus for a couple months… which kind of makes me want to cry. And since I’m sincerely rooting for a Nobuo and Hachi end result, and I couldn’t find much fanfiction on it, I wanted to write a fic. In the last episode of the series, and I believe chapter 42 in the manga, they show a piece of the future (or I guess technically the present…) where Hachi fills the bathtub for Nobuo and she has some memories about him, and when she turns to leave, he grabs her hand. There have been 42 more chapters and that hasn’t been explained yet… So I just kind of want to capture that moment somehow. Because at this rate, it could be another three years before I get an explanation. >.>; Since it only comes out once a month and they’ve announced a few months’ hiatus… Here’s my crack at it. Also, the ring comment comes from a later chapter in the manga where Junko asks Hachi if she’s going to get a divorce, since Takumi and Hachi separated. (No, I have no idea how the timeline actually fits together, so I made it fit my convenience, of course. Which, I suppose, makes this a Divergence and/or a TWT – Timeline, What Timeline?)

I might write a sequel. It’s actually kind of intended to have a sequel, so I probably will.

Would it make you happy, Nana?"